We offer a variety of commercial services, and offer monthly billing for vehicle fleets of 7 or more.

Commercial Coupons Commercial Prestige Car Care Club (Oversized) Commercial Prestige Car Care Club Commercial Gift Card
for 25 washes
per year
per year
or less
Full Service Washes Reloadable Gift Card
Services Upgradable at Regular Price Good for any service, including Gasoline!
Accountability Tracked via Customer Receipt
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Monthly Billing Accounts


Basic monthly billing is a convenient way to maintain a fleet of seven (7) or more vehicles. All of our Car Care Services are available with a Basic Monthly Billing Account. This includes our Wash Packages, Express Detailing Services and gasoline purchases. You will receive a Monthly Statement and/or Invoice for all services purchased during the month.

Fleet Car Care Services

The Full Service Car Wash is a fast and convenient way to maintain you fleet vehicles. This scalable cost discount can result in a substantial savings of up to 25% per cost of wash based on the total number of washes purchased in a month.

All of our Car Care services are available for purchase using your Fleet Card including gasoline fill-ups. So if a vehicle needs some extra cleaning—a Wash Package can be purchased and the Full Service Wash, which is part of the package, will be included in your total washes purchased in a month.

Fleet Complete Detail Service

Complete vehicle detailing helps maintain the value of your fleet vehicles. Complete Detailing discounts of up to 30% allows fleet maintenance to be less costly. The discount is a scalable cost based on the total number of complete details purchased in a month.

A Complete Detail Service consists of an Exterior Polish, Interior Super Clean, Carpet Express, and/or the Leather/Cloth Seat Express. When purchasing a Complete Detail with your account card, the cost of the Full Service Wash is waived, giving the customer even more savings.

The Card

Our Fleet Card Customers will receives a business style card for each vehicle in their Fleet. The customer’s Company Name and Car Spa account number will be printed on each card. The account number will appear in a UPC code format for easy scanning and convenience when purchasing services.

The Card can be used to purchase any of our Car Care Services and gasoline.

As an added safety feature additional vehicle identification information can be printed on the back of the card. This information, such as vehicle license number and vehicle description can help prevent fraudulent use of the Card.