Monthly Unlimited Wash Club

We offer unlimited wash programs with convenient monthly billing. Pay once a month, and get your car cleaned as often as you’d like!


The Best - $61.99/mo

Full Service Wash, plus Triple Foam Polish, Desert Shield, PolySealant, Exterior Trim Protectant, Rim Cleaner, Tire Dressing, Whitewall Cleaner, Undercarriage Wash, and Rug Beater.


Wheel Express - $55.99/mo

Full Service Wash, plus Triple Foam Polish, Whitewall Cleaner, Rim Cleaner, Tire Dressing, Undercarriage Wash, and Rug Beater


Shine and Protect - $48.99/mo

Full Service Wash, plus Triple Foam Polish, PolySealant, Undercarriage Wash, and Air Freshener.


Full Service - $39.99/mo

Vacuums the passenger area, floors, mats and seats. The Vehicle exterior is washed, rinsed, and force air dried. Upon exiting the tunnel, the car is hand dried, and our air blowout system is used to remove trapped water in mirrors, doors, and other crevices. All windows inside and out are cleaned, including the dash and console. Doors and jambs are wiped clean.


Exterior Wash Only - $23.99/mo

Exterior washed, rinsed, and forced air dried.