Exterior Wash Soft Cloth Full Service Shine & Protect Wheel Express The Best
Exterior washed, rinsed, and forced air dried
Air-Blowout System removes water in doors, etc.
Passenger area, floors, mats, & seats vacuumed.
Triple Foam Polish
Undercarriage Wash
Air Freshener
Whitewall Cleaner
Rim Cleaner
Tire Dressing
Rug Beater
Clear Coat Protectant
Exterior Trim Protectant
Element Shield
Price (Lomas and Central SW Locations) $8.00 10.50 $15.50 $17.50 $19.50
Price (Central NE Location) $8.00 $12.00 $17.00 $19.00 $21.00
Additional Charges:
Oversized Vans $5.00
Rim & Shine (Adds “Wheel Express” exterior services) $13.00
Ultimate (Adds “The Best” exterior services) $16.00
Any Individual Service $3.75