Exterior Wash Soft Cloth Full Service Shine & Protect Wheel Express The Best
Exterior washed, rinsed, and forced air dried
Air-Blowout System removes water in doors, etc.
Passenger area, floors, mats, & seats vacuumed.
Triple Foam Polish
Undercarriage Wash
Air Freshener
Whitewall Cleaner
Rim Cleaner
Tire Dressing
Rug Beater
Clear Coat Protectant
Exterior Trim Protectant
Element Shield
Price $7.99 $9.99 $14.75 $16.75 $18.75
Additional Charges:
Oversized Vans $5.00
Rim & Shine (Adds “Wheel Express” exterior services) $12.99
Ultimate (Adds “The Best” exterior services) $15.99
Any Individual Service $3.75